We endeavor that your experience at EL Marsh Care will be as rewarding, inspiring and encouraging as possible because we are dedicated to give independence, respect, dignity and choice in every part of day-to-day life.

Our passionate and committed staff team are trained and knowledgeable is delivering person-centred. Our staff value individuality and are devoted to spend quality time building a positive rapport with each resident, understanding individual’s likes and dislikes.

Homely Environment

Each EL Marsh home has a warm, comfortable and charming environment. Our homes play an important role on our residents’ happiness and well-being. Our resident’s feedback is always taken into consideration when purchasing furniture, painting and decorating. Our residents choose their own bedroom colour scheme, furniture and soft furnishings.

Our homes that have outdoor spaces, they are kept maintained for our annual summer fair, activities, barbeques or even just relaxation.

Meaningful Activities

At EL Marsh we understand that each person will have different interests, hobbies, skills and abilities. Each activity will be tailored so it is ‘meaningful’ to that individual’s needs. Some activities will be in small groups, for some swimming is meaningful because it enriches their social skills, while someone else may find that reading is meaningful because it enriches their communication skills.


Our Activities

EL Marsh Care is well known for the range of activities offered to residents.  Our extensive range of mirror the interests and skills of each resident. Each resident’s activity plan is planned carefully with the resident, considering their likes and dislikes and how often they want to change they activities.  At EL Marsh we have an expectation that all staff participate in activities by showing good team spirit in the home and the community.  At EL Marsh we believe that an activity must be meaningful to enrich our residents’ lives. Activities are to enjoy, stimulate and enhance independent life skills which allows our residents to build and celebrate their self- esteem and confidence.

Below are some activities and interests found popular by our residents’:

  • Art & Crafts
  • Gardening
  • Gym
  • Snooker
  • Bowling and Arcades
  • Cinema
  • Music lessons
  • Sensory Room
  • Hydro Pool
  • Swimming
  • Indoor and outdoor sports
  • Shopping
  • Theme parks
  • Eating out at restaurants
  • Music concerts
  • Quizzes, puzzles  and other games
  • Discussion groups
  • Farm life
  • Voluntary work in a sector of choice
  • Baking
  • Walking
  • Spa and beauty treatments
  • Travel Training
  • Internet shopping or research
  • Trips and visits outside of the local region i.e. Devon, Butlins, Matlock, Alton Towers and many more

Education and Employment

At EL Marsh we strive to provide people with skills that support them in the community and wider world, we provide them with skills that help them become well-rounded citizens. We do this by finding suitable vocational courses in mainstream and specialist colleges for our residents. We have had residents studying mechanics, building, plastering, cooking, jewellery making, wood work, and more. We not only support residents with their educational needs in the community but we also provide clubs in-house to help them complete their homework, learn how complete application forms, learn how to write a CV, find voluntary work and Literacy and numeracy skills.

We place a great emphasis on promoting work ethics. We do this by encouraging residents to access employment in the community, starting with voluntary work. Some of our residents have secured employment and voluntary by approaching local businesses. We have residents that have worked in Motor Mechanics, Administration work at the Job Centre, looking after cats in a Cattery, Farming, and more.

We believe that each individual should be given equal rights and opportunities to access further education and/or employment.

Food and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is a key element in all our lives. At EL Marsh Care we believe that food and drink should be an enjoyable experience. Our ethos is ‘empowering independence’ by residents’ preparing their own meals with support from staff. We believe cooking is an experience that enriches our residents’ life skills. By residents being involved we know that each meal that is prepared or cooked is reflection of an individual choice, likes, dislikes and dietary needs.

Our Example Menus

To get a small taste of the meals our residents prepare on a daily basis please see our example menus below.

Daily Menu 

Fresh and tasty

At EL Marsh we aim to purchase our produce i.e. fruit and veg from local farms. Our meals are prepared using quality and fresh ingredients.   Our menus offer a range of choices from breakfast to dessert. Our residents have the choice to select meals from the company menu or plan their own menu that suits them. In addition to home-made meals, baking is popular at EL Marsh from chocolate muffins to luxury carrot and walnut cakes.

Dietary requirements and needs

At EL Marsh staff will support residents’ dietary needs and help them maintain a balanced diet. If a resident has complex dietary requirement, for example, if a resident has difficulty swallowing, we will modify their chosen meal to suit their individual needs (i.e prepare a fork mashable meal) and ensure that the taste and presentation is of high standard.

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